This Much Is True (Truth In Lies Book 1)

"...This book is brilliant and unforgettable!  This is the exact type of book I'm always searching for with little luck.  I like stories where the relationships and characters are real, and they really have to work for it.  I like things to get messy and I like my heart to hurt a little.  Overall, I really just want to feel the story.  This emotionally charged book provides all of that.

This story is essentially about two very broken and damaged people who find each other during  an inconvenient time in their lives, sacrifice their relationship, and then face every obstacle imaginable on their way back to one another.   It's raw and real. There are no rainbows or unicorns.  There is only life and sometimes life is ugly.

This book reminded me of a mix between a twisted version of Sweet Valley High and Tarryn Fisher's Love Me With Lies series... weird combo, huh?  Those who know me know that any comparison to the Love Me With Lies series is a huge compliment and one I don't take lightly.  I don't even allow other books to touch this series on my bookshelf because I deem no other books worthy.  This book is the closest I have found to my beloved series/obsession...." Judging Books By Their Covers  -4.5 stars


"...The story made me think about life, especially about: how far are people willing to go and risk in order to get what they want?

There were some surreal things, things that make me think- yeah, like that could ever happen, some unnecessary drama and also I'm not a fan of insta-love relationship, but if the author and the story is good and has a decent writing style- then, basically, you can make me read anything, even the things that are way out of my comfort zone, and Katherine Owen is definitely one of those authors.

This book is a New Adult novel and it deals with lot of heavy issues, but if you're looking for a sexy and more erotic read- this is not it.

There are some sex scenes, but they are very rare and not explicit.

The focus is on the story itself.

I would highly recommend this book to every fan of masochist reads out there, especially fans of authors like Tarryn Fisher and Megan Hart- I think you will understand this complex & beautifully flawed story and love it!

This was my first book by this author, but it definitely won't be the last..." Way Too Hot Books Blogger -4 stars

The Truth About Air & Water (Truth In Lies Book 2)

"This is not just a novel, it should be looked at as a piece of art; there are so many layers to peel back. To just read this story would not do it justice, it needs to be appreciated for all the multi faceted layers and symbolism that made this story what it is; a literary masterpiece." Anne of Luscious Literature Blog -5 stars

“I am broken by it all. Why doesn’t everyone see that? …Katherine Owen doesn’t write books. She takes words and welds them together to create an experience that will last a lifetime…” Chelcie of Addicted Souls Blog -5 stars

Its been weeks since I finished The Truth About Air & Water and just writing this tonight makes me reflect on the characters and the emotion that went into this book. I start to get chills immediately. How am I going to explain to you, the blog reader how much this book will change your life? How am I going to express my feelings when my thoughts are so intense?” Deb at Bookish -4 stars

When I See You

"...I knew going into this book that it wouldn't be a heart and flowers type of story. When I See You is emotionally charged and I felt every single moment." The Autumn Review 

"...Jordan and Brock have an inordinate amount of bad karma going on...What pulls this story out of the hellish mire it could be stuck in, is this amazing thread of almost palpable hope that winds its way through the narrative..."
Dana Burness - Let's Book It 

"When I See You is yet another brilliant romance in which Katherine Owen proves that, not only can she create excellent characters, but she can put them through the wringer and make them come out on the other side as even better characters..."
Ellen Fritz -Books4Tomorrow

Seeing Julia

"I found this book to be immediately captivating...The initial chapters reminded me of Maggie O'Farrell's "After You'd Gone," that's how impressed I was."   Becky Gulc - Chick Lit Central

"... The in-depth descriptions of her heart-wrenching sense of loss, is balanced by the beautiful caring nature, and actions, of friends...masterfully written in a first person present tense...I effortlessly identified with Julia's desire to be a normal person, doing normal things, in a normal life. All she wants is to be seen for who she is...But getting to that point, she has to undergo a journey of self-discovery..."Seeing Julia" rightly deserves its 5 stars!" Ellen Fritz - Books4Tomorrow 

"For some reason, I expected 'Seeing Julia' to be a fluffy, unreal romance novel...but I couldn't have been more wrong, 'Seeing Julia' is so much more. It is deep and real and full of emotion and pain and friendship and love. I can't say enough good about it."   Dana Burness - Let's Book It

Not To Us

"...not your average quick-read romance, but a book to be read at leisure so as to enjoy every moment...It touches you...and forces the reader to face many truths; that we have no control over our lives, no matter how hard we try. What makes the difference though, is how we deal with it." Ellen Fritz - Books4Tomorrow

"...From the first chapter, Ms. Owen hooked me with her characters and I was rooting for them through the whole story. One twist after another, you'll think that you know what's coming won't." Elena Aitken - author of Nothing Stays In Vegas