Twenty random things about me...actually, 23...

1. When I was in afternoon Kindergarten, I walked to school by myself on May Day, but came home before getting halfway there because my flower for my teacher blew away, much to my mother’s displeasure. Thus, the need for therapy began.

2. I have a doll named "Chatty Cathy" that I got when I was nine or ten. I still have it. I know!

3. I won a poetry contest when I was fourteen-years-old and thus my journey to fame began.

4. I spent a long time in high tech sales and was quite successful though I am quite shy. I know!

5. “Mind like a steel trap” is a phrase I coined for myself to my husband long ago so he would have a chance at better understanding me. “Bitch on wheels” is another. Picture roller-skates and moving fast and perhaps pushing others out of the way.

6. Jeff Bezos (Now, Amazon’s founder & CEO) came to my 29th birthday party with my gal pal Sally. I didn’t like him. They broke up a short time later. Who knew?

7. I am like a bank when it comes to holding secrets for my friends. People tell me their darkest secrets and I keep them for them. I have been this way for-evah.

8. All my work is fiction. Really. It is!

 9. I tested for a personality test once with all these co-workers (a gregarious group) and came out on the introverted social side which meant I did well in small groups or one-on-one because I am basically shy. This completely explains why I hang out by the punch bowl or the bar at parties and let the people come to me. Introverted social. Me.

10. I do believe in love at first sight and I married him.

11. I hate housework, chores, and errands; although some of my best novel ideas come about when I am doing these things.

12. I prefer cut roses when they are droopy and almost dead. In other words, when red roses have turned almost black, I think they’re pretty!

13. Black was my favorite color as a child; a precursor to its usefulness in my fashion statements as an adult.

14. I love George Clooney. I’ve seen all of his movies even some of his not-so-good ones because I love his smile, his hair, and his voice. I tell my husband to get his hair cut like George Clooney’s and he gives me this weird look, but we have a basic understanding about GC.

15. I write about love, trust, and fate because relationships are tested in all kinds of ways...

16. I am the network administrator for our household when it comes to all things high tech. Microsoft is always directing us to that person and I thought you should know who it is.

17. I have made a lot of money throughout my career and I’m hoping those days are not over with this writing gig. But if they are, I want you to know that I’m having a blast. I love working for myself. I love writing. I love producing the books and even doing some of the promotion work. But most of all, I love all my devoted fans. You, who are reading this, because you care about what I think and write. Thank you!

18. I am 5’4” which is a great height because people never really know that you are short because you can always wear high heels. I really love that.

19. I am a control freak, a complete type-A personality. I have “relaxation” as a goal for my New Year’s resolution pretty much every year because it is something I hardly ever do.

20. My favorite place in the world is Pacific City, Oregon at the water’s edge of the Pacific Ocean or right next to it on the beach house deck with a margarita in hand. Now that’s a perfect moment.

21. I am most fond of commas, semi-colons, and sentence fragments and the word, fuck, when used appropriately and most effectively. I also love words that end in ly and second to that I like the ones ending with ing. I know! (I realize that’s twenty-one things instead of twenty, but I couldn’t stop.)

22. I love this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

23. My latest novel release is The Truth About Air & Water, book 2 in the Truth In Lies Series. I swore I would never write a series but here I am writing one. Look for Tell Me Something True in 2015.   ♥