Tell Me Something True is the third book in the Truth About Lies series and cannot be read as a standalone


The star ballerina finally marries the major league baseball player and the truth about Linc and Tally—his being her air and she being his water—becomes clear after the couple finally realize that their love is all that matters. But that was the first day. The day they said, “I do." The day the demons seemed to leave them alone, at least, for a little while. 
Nevertheless, there were other days, when all the lies of the past and their ways of coping with their fears caught up to them. 

And, this is that story. 

"If you believe in fairy tales and happy endings, and you want to stop right here and bask in the wonderment and joy of it all, please do. If you want to know the rest of our story, you need to take a deep breath and tell yourself that everything will be okay, that everything works out, and life happens, and in the end love is all you need. Someone has to tell you these things, 
just like someone had to tell me. All I know is that the truth never dies, and it does set you free, whether you want it to or not. And in the end? All you have is love. Love is all there is."

  ~ Talia Landon Presley

The Truth About Lies Series Reading Order:
This Much Is True
The Truth About Air & Water
Tell Me Something True

So far, readers are loving this third book about the major-league baseball player and the ballerina. I hope you do, too! Enjoy! ♥


Here's a few of the early comments and/or reviews...

"Wow omg! I don't have words for how amazing tell me something true is! I felt like I was having a panic attack reading this! It was so good. I cried sad tears and happy tears I love Lincoln and Tally story. I love how she finally seen that all she needed was him and stopped doing what she usually did. There was a part where I hated Linc. Great job looking forward to more of your work###" - Lillian

"Just finished Tell me something True. I'm crazy like that. I cant even breathe. You really went for it this time around. I felt like I was having one of Tally's panic attacks while reading this whole book. You're amazing at making people feel so many different emotions in a short period of time. I love your writing!" - Kelley

"Ok so I love Love love Linc and Tally's story so I had been anxiously waiting for this book to come out. I will be honest when I say that in the first section I wanted to strangle both characters. But the way Katherine Owens portrays them is honestly human. This isn't some lovey novel. In life there are tons of mistakes and emotions that are rarely portrayed in romance novels and the author truly captures this. It feels real. The grief, the pain, the loss. Have your tissues and a bottle of wine nearby because this book is going to take you to a whole different level. I absolutely loved it." - Angela