"There are all kinds of ways for a relationship to be tested, even broken, irrevocably; it’s the endings that we’re unprepared for. My life has become a roller coaster ride mixed with equal amounts of pure joy and exposed fear; and, sometimes, this unfathomable incredulity. This arrives in spurts, like adrenalin or injected heroin; well, how I imagine injected heroin would feel. That’s when I consider that change—change, its inevitability—is coming. And, I can’t stop it." 

Ellie's perfect world unravels. 
A best friend's betrayal ends her marriage. 
An alarming diagnosis threatens her life. 
It all leads to Michael... 
But, fate soon tests their perfect union. 
And, begs the question: If you get a second chance, do you take a different path? 


"...not your average quick-read romance, but a book to be read at leisure so as to enjoy every moment...It touches you...and forces the reader to face many truths; that we have no control over our lives, no matter how hard we try. What makes the difference though, is how we deal with it." Ellen Fritz - Books4Tomorrow 


"...From the first chapter, Ms. Owen hooked me with her characters and I was rooting for them through the whole story. One twist after another, you'll think that you know what's coming won't." Elena Aitken - author of Nothing Stays In Vegas